Moments Of Unease

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Unease | noun | un·ease \ ˌən-ˈēz \: a quiet stirring of unidentifiable, nervous and excitable energy

This series documents traveling to a visually and culturally abrasive foreign land and erasing one’s self into the surrounding sublime chaos in order to relearn. Once realizing that everything I knew was learned behavior, I was trapped within a routine. I began unlearning all I thought I knew. The work explores the confusion of being conditioned and influenced by other’s while offering solace and comfort in that which we don’t know our control.

By letting go of preconceptions of what I “knew”, I began to unlearn. When shooting, there was a blind trust put into the pinhole camera. Shooting with these tools one can apply logic but is still forced to relinquish an immense amount of control. The camera will give you what it wants just as the world will.

I’m never sure if the signs I’m attempting to decipher will lead me to the right location. I’m never sure if the image will come out clear. What I am sure of is that no matter how things turn out, I know the decisions made were my own.

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