The Rest is All Drag

1 Rainé Rainé.jpg

As society’s definition of beauty is re-fabricated, so is the world of fashion. Since its inception, drag has fought to magnify beauty, highlight individuality and push boundaries. More recently, drag has been seen on the runway and in fashion editorials. Combining drag and high fashion as a comment on what makes the “real” and the “perfect” has the potential to greatly expand the depth of both industries. 

One of the largest influences in fashion photography has been Richard Avedon. Avedon’s imagery shaped the industry and some of our own views of beauty by proxy. This series takes some of his most iconic black and white portraits and editorial work and replaced the original models for drag performers. 

While Avedon’s images were taken with large format, I used digital photography as a comment on the progression of technology. In addition, the images are heavily photoshopped. Blemishes have been retouched and bald spots in wigs have been adjusted just as they would be in today’s magazine-ready image. With this being said, some areas are purposefully left with obvious retouching. The viewer is reminded that in both series the “ideal” is simply not real. It is a fabrication. 

10 Kia Sedona.jpg
8 Lavender Mist dress by Ethan Russ Savannah Winter 2017.jpg
6 Vegina George Elan Cher Versach Campaign Winter 2017_.jpg